I absolutely love pizza! Not only does it come in limitless varieties but you can get all four food groups in one serving too! If you have the time to make the dough from scratch it can be especially rewarding, but if you’re a busy person or don’t want to put the time and energy into dinner there are shortcuts you can take.

More often than not, I take a few shortcuts, and here’s how:
On a night when I’m craving pizza and have some time on my hands, I will grab a box of “Gluten-Free Pantry’s French Bread & Pizza” mix and make 4-5 small pizza crusts. One of those crusts I will make into a full pizza, and the rest I will bake halfway through and then once they are cooled I’ll throw them in the freezer for another night. Next time I’m craving pizza, all I have to do is take a crust out of the freezer, defrost it in the microwave for a minute, and the make my pizza the way I usually would!

As for what I put on my pizza…. Well recently I’ve been roasting garlic and brussel sprouts together to use as toppings, along with rotisserie chicken (yay for leftovers), some broccoli, piri piri spice, and the usual blend of cheeses. But sometimes I’m not quite in the mood for the spice and garlic and I go for something a bit more subtle. How does ricotta cheese, spinach and egg sound? Not to your taste? How about a nacho pizza, ¬†rich with beef, beans, and peppers covered with cheddar cheese (or you can just use leftover chili!)?

Like I said at the start, there isn’t a limit to what you can put on pizza. Although a word of advice if you plan on using egg or spinach/kale (or anything else that is leafy and likely to cook fast), add it half way through the cooking process. If you add them at the start, what should have been a delicious pizza will most likely end up looking and tasting burnt.

And on that note, I think I’ll go make pizza!



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