Happiness is…

…Eating a fresh gluten-free bagel for the first time in 8 years.

Bagels (along with croissants and cream puffs) are one of the things I’ve missed most since cutting out gluten. I’ve seen the frozen gluten-free bagels in the grocery store many times but I’ve always been hesitant about trying them. I’ve recently started a new job and every morning on my way to work I walk through a food court that has a bakery store full of freshly made bagels. After 2 weeks of walking by the store I knew that if I didn’t get my bagel craving satisfied soon, I might just cave and eat a gluten-filled one! (The horror, I know!) Realizing that I can resist only so much, I thought I would have no choice but to go out and buy the frozen ones…but then, while on pinterest, a recipe for gluten-free egg-bagels pops up on my page! Was this fate? Who knows! I’m just glad it came to me!!

Although I had been warned by friends and family that making bagels was difficult, I was determined to make them work. I’ll save you the play-by-play on how I made them and just say that, yes, bagels take a long time and aren’t the easiest thing to make. Truthfully, mine didn’t turn out perfectly. They didn’t rise as much as I think they should have (they were probably under-mixed) but that being said, they still tasted like bagels and, in the end, isn’t that all that really matters?! (But since I’m a perfectionist, I will make them again and again until they are perfect haha.)  And so another day goes by spent happily baking (and eating).


Oh, and this is the link to the bagel recipe I used! (You thought I wasn’t going to include it, didn’t you?) I haven’t fully explore the site yet but there seems to be a lot of good recipes!!

Delicious, golden brown bagels!

Delicious, golden brown bagels!


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