My Journey with Coconut Oil (Intro)

This is an introduction to a series of posts I will be writing all about coconut oil!

For a long time now I’ve read many blogs and articles about the uses and benefits of coconut oil. However, despite all the talk I can’t help but wonder if it’s really that amazing. Instead of just wondering and leaving it at that, I’ve decided to test it out myself! The list of its supposed uses is extremely lengthy so I won’t be able to try all of them but I shall tackle some of the more popular ones.

Here are some of the uses I will be discussing in this series.
Using it:

  • in cooking and baking
  • on your hair 
  • on you skin
  • dental care 

Although only four points, they can (and will be) expanded further.
I am in no way an expert, simply a somewhat adventurous gal looking for answers and healthier options! So I hope you will all join me as I explore the world of coconut oil! (Feel free to leave comments and questions too!)



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