Vegan no more…

So… I lasted a month being vegan! Woo, go me! I lasted half a day as a raw vegan before I realized I just couldn’t do it. Well… I mean I probably could have done it but didn’t want to put THAT much energy in it, so by dinner on the first day, I had cooked pasta. I’m really happy I did it mostly just because it forced me to count my calories and I realized that I wasn’t eating as much as I had thought. (I’ve been trying to gain some weight for a while and haven’t had much luck… now we know why!) In terms of helping my skin and stomach problems…. I think my skin actually got worse because of it! Or it’s just a really weird coincidence. Stomach got better, although not too much of a difference. The first 2 weeks I learned to make some interesting vegan dishes and had fun planning my meals but the last 2-3 weeks I got lazy. I ate a lot of pasta the last few weeks. I guess I’m just lazy (and busy, but mostly lazy). I started re-introducing non-vegan foods the first week of December, but sadly not as slowly as I wanted. I started with eggs, and had some plain chicken, but then jumped right to the diary. Oh well. I wish I had more to say on the topic but sadly… I don’t. Was vegan, now I’m happily back to eating meat. End of story lol.