Almond Butterfly

A cute little gluten-free bakery called the Almond Butterfly opened up in Toronto 6 months ago, and I finally had the pleasure of checking it out in December!

Located at 100 Harbord St (Just south of Bloor, off of Spadina), this wonderful little bake shop and espresso bar is everything a girl eating gluten-free could hope for! I told myself on my first visit I would pace myself and not buy everything in sight… well that sort of worked. I ended up buying 6 cupcakes (I only ate 4 I swear! haha), a thyme cheese biscuit, and a pumpkin spice latte. (I’d like to take a second to mention that they make their pumpkin spice syrup from scratch!!) Everything was wonderful, but I especially loved the cheese biscuit and the vegan chocolate cupcake. I can’t even really describe how much I loved the biscuit. Simply put, it was everything a cheese biscuit should be. As for the cupcake, while I enjoyed all of their cupcakes, the chocolate cupcake was incredibly moist (I honestly thought I was eating gluten) and chocolaty but not overly rich like I find some chocolate cupcakes to be… (for that reason, I usually go for vanilla over chocolate, but maybe that has changed now?!). The pumpkin spice latte was good too – similar to Starbucks’ but without all the chemicals!

They offer a variety of teas, coffee and lattes (with the option of almond and coconut milk!), and in addition to their cupcakes, loaves and cookies, they offer sandwiches and bagels.
They are now open 7 days a week (Yay! or that could be a bad thing if you’re close enough to go everyday…) and you can even order things for pick-up in advance.

I highly recommend people to check out the Almond Butterfly. I know that I will be going back to try more of their delicious food, and especially for more of those cheese biscuits!  If you have been, please feel free to share your experience or recommend something from their menu!





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