Welcome to “Enriched with Happiness!” This blog is where  all my thoughts about food, health, and well-being get stored!

A little bit about me

I bake when I’m happy and I’m happy when I bake!

Although nowhere close to being a professional, baking is my life!  Because I have had a gluten intolerance for about 8 years, I recently started experimenting with gluten-free baking and converting foods from my childhood into gluten-free friendly dishes. Therefore, the majority of the food that I make and discuss on this blog will be gluten-free, some will be vegan, some will be sugar-free, and all will be delicious (I hope)!

Why “Enriched with Happiness”?

Short answer: Everything I make has happiness baked right into it (and love, sweat and tears).

Long answer: We all struggle with our lives at some point. Only  in the past year or so, have I come to realize that by accepting the now and by changing our thoughts we can all achieve happiness. We can control how we react to each situation; choose to see a situation positively or negatively. I have chosen to practice seeing everything as positive.
This blog is called  “Enriched with Happiness” because I believe that if everything is filled with positive thoughts then life will be more rewarding; if every meal is filled with happy feelings then they will the taste that much better. I am choosing to put love and happiness into all of my actions because I hope to spread that love and happiness to those who eat my food and read my blog. If that makes you happy then I’ll be happy too!




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