Simple Sauce

Looking for something possibly a little sweet to go with that chicken and rice or meatballs? With just a few ingredients you can make a quick & easy sauce!
1/2 cup of broth (either chicken or vegetable)
3 tbsp jam of your choice
1 tbsp gluten-free flour blend (I use 1/2 rice flour, 1/2 potato starch)
2 tbsp cold water.

1. Heat broth over low-medium heat. Add jam and stir until melted.
2. In a small bowl, mix flour and water until smooth.
3. Add flour mix to jam mixture. Stir until thick.

Voila! That easy!
Tip 1: If you prefer a smoother sauce, you can use a hand mixer to puree the broth-jam mix before adding the flour mix to it.
Tip 2: It’s important you mix the flour with the cold water first, because adding it directly to the hot broth will cause it to clump.




Just wanted to make a small post – I recently returned from a business trip to Calgary and can I say, wow! So many restaurants with gluten-free options! Yes, of course it’s becoming more and more popular everywhere, but I was really impressed there. Even the restaurant in my hotel had gluten-free pizza, pasta and bread (and it was good)! Wish I could have stayed longer to test out more places. Now I feel like I should try harder to test out new restaurants in my own city!


New Cookbook!!

I know, I know… In a recent post I just mentioned that I have too many cookbooks and don’t use them often enough, and here I am posting about a new cookbook I just bought! But I just couldn’t stop myself!! Haha. It’s the most recent cookbook from Erin McKenna and her Babycakes bakery, entitled “Bread & Butter“. It’s all gluten-free and vegan!
There are a lot of different recipes for bread, crackers, tortillas, and even samosas! Yum! It was hard to pick which recipe to try first but I think it’ll be the bagel recipe! That said though, bagels will have to wait until I’ve made some macarons, then lemon poppy seed muffins, and jalapeňo-cheddar scones. (I’m making lists to guarantee I keep busy & baking!)


Tip of the Day

Start being more polite to yourself.  If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend? The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others. You must love who you are or no one else will.

I need to bake …

I need to bake more… and update this blog more! Any suggestions on what I should bake? I made black bean chocolate cookies last week, which were yummy as always. The options are endless and yet I keep thinking of things I’ve already made in the past — like apple pie or apple crumble. I should try something new though…Hmmm…..